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FMG provides a range of legal services focused on the special needs of technology companies, whose business operations are often time-sensitive and touch upon many different areas of law. We have worked with clients in industries including software, Internet, multimedia, telecommunications, medical devices, and computer equipment. Within these areas, our clients run the gamut from large, established technology businesses, to emerging growth companies, to individual entrepreneurs.

We represent our clients in a wide range of disputes and emerging issues unique to technology companies. This includes the protection of trade secrets and confidential information, including the preparation and negotiation of employee agreements (e.g., assignment of inventions, non-competition, non-solicitation, and "right of first refusal" agreements), the preparation and negotiation of nondisclosure agreements, and litigation involving claims for breach of contract, unlawful disclosure of confidential information, and trade secret disputes. In addition, FMG assists technology companies in other legal matters such as:

  • Legal claims for corporate, directors and officers, or individual liability stemming from online activity (often referred to as "cyber liability");
  • Internet libel or defamation claims;
  • Internet privacy;
  • Data breach liability;
  • Monitoring, restricting, and searching employee activity online both inside and outside of work;
  • Legal issues based on the use of social media;
  • Payment of wages and overtime for technology employees, including employees who travel and are on call; and
  • Preparation of workplace policies, including use of company-issued devices and resources.