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Appellate Advocacy

At the appellate stage of a complex litigation matter, a special set of skills and knowledge is needed to successfully obtain appellate relief. Far more than lower court decisions on individual cases, published appellate decisions establish precedents for the cases that follow. Accordingly, appellate practice presents the skilled advocate with a unique opportunity to shape the law.

FMG lawyers have gained keen insight into how trial courts render their decisions and how those decisions are analyzed by appellate courts by serving as clerks and staff attorneys for trial court and appellate judges, on both the state and federal bench. We also have been frequently retained to file amici curiae or "friends-of-the-court" briefs in appeals involving important issues for our clients. Given the breadth of our experience, FMG lawyers have succeeded in obtaining numerous far-reaching decisions for our clients, including a landmark decision from the Supreme Court of the United States.

Appellate Advocacy Professionals
Section Co-Chair - Bob Marcovitch
Section Co-Chair - Stephen Caine