Risk Management Hotline

Bell & Clements Insureds

FMG staffs the Bell & Clements IP LPL Risk Management Hotline. This hotline is only for insureds of Bell & Clements who have an active policy of insurance.

Bell & Clements Insureds – Request a Consultation

If you are calling for specific legal advice for risk management or a potential claim that will necessitate our first establishing an attorney-client and privileged consultation, you will need to first submit a request for consultation form and agree to the terms of our consultation. Please note that no attorney-client relationship will be formed nor exist, between the Bell & Clements insured (“you”) and Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP, (“FMG”) unless and until (1) you complete the below Request for Consultation Form, (2) you agree to the terms and conditions of the engagement as set forth in the attached agreement (3) FMG advises you there are no conflicts in connection with the potential consultation, and (4) FMG accepts the request and agrees to consult with you.

In the event FMG accepts your request, you will thereafter be eligible for 2 hours of legal consultation free of charge. Please note, the activities and/or tasks to be completed [within these unpaid hours] are solely within FMG’s discretion.

Fees & Billing: In the event FMG accepts your request, you will thereafter be eligible for 2 hours of legal representation free of charge. Any additional representation beyond the complimentary hours is conditioned upon your prior acknowledgment and agreement in writing to be responsible for and pay any additional legal fees and expenses at the agreed-upon Bell & Clements agreed hourly rate beginning at the time of your acceptance. In other words, you will not be charged for any fees beyond the 2-hour free consultation, unless and until you agree to additional paid consultation and services.

*Please review and agree to the below terms and conditions of representation if my request for consultation is accepted by FMG.

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