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Working at FMG

We recognize that you have a choice about where you practice law. If you want to be a part of a firm that provides top-quality legal services in a smaller, collegial environment, then FMG may be the right firm for you.

At FMG, we believe our combination of a high quality legal practice in a boutique firm devoid of many of the negatives of larger law firms makes us an attractive employment option. At FMG, we seek highly motivated attorneys who share our desire to practice at the highest level in a law firm where all of the lawyers still know each other personally. In this regard, we have strived to develop a work environment that strikes an appropriate balance between work and life outside our firm. FMG’s core values reflect the firm’s commitment to having employees with balanced lifestyles.

Attorney training and development also is an important aspect of working at FMG. Because we want our attorneys to stay with us on a long-term basis, we devote substantial time to training our attorneys and developing their practical skills. All associates complete and regularly update an individual professional development plan, which encourages them to set their own goals and track their progress at achieving those goals.

Unlike many larger firms, FMG typically staffs cases with one partner and one associate, which increases the opportunities for associates to gain valuable experience. As business development is the lifeblood of the firm, all attorneys are encouraged to participate in marketing, legal writing and speaking, and professional organizations. Even new associates have much to contribute to business development, so the firm encourages participation in these activities from the outset of each new associate’s career.

FMG also offers a mentoring program for all new associates that is designed to ease the transition from law school to law firm. Each new associate is assigned a partner mentor, a senior associate mentor, and a junior associate mentor so that he or she has a person at all seniority levels from whom advice can be sought. The mentors are there to help the new associate transition to life after law school in general and to life at FMG in particular. The mentors also are there to advise the new associate on how to succeed professionally.

FMG is committed to pro bono service and community involvement. For example, the firm has a relationship with the Cobb County Eviction Defense Project, which provides pro bono representation of tenants who face eviction from their homes. In addition, the firm views community involvement as an important aspect of being a well-rounded attorney and person. Many of our attorneys are actively involved in civic, charitable, and religious organizations, and such involvement is encouraged at the outset of each new associate’s career. The firm is proud that it had 100% attorney participation in the most recent United Way campaign.