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Core Values

Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP strongly believes in certain core values that always govern our conduct in the practice of law, representation of our clients, and relationships with our employees. We believe these principles are timeless and should guide us in all aspects of our work. Our firm’s core values are:

Our Practice Of Law

  • Conduct ourselves with professional integrity, honesty, and candor in prosecuting cases and defending our clients in their legal matters.
  • Be zealous in our representation of our clients with faithful adherence to the ethical obligations we have as members of the Bar.
  • Understand and always be guided by the lawful objectives of our clients.
  • Demonstrate respect and collegiality to others in our work.

Our Representation Of Our Clients

  • Provide superior competence in the legal matters entrusted to us.
  • Strive for excellence as experts in our fields of practice.
  • Prosecute client matters carefully to ensure representation is accomplished in the manner most appropriate to the clients' needs.
  • Give all effort required for success.
  • Excel in communication with our clients to allow them to make practical and effective decisions.
  • Provide innovative strategies, practices, and solutions for our clients in all aspects of our work for them.

Our Relationships With Our Employees

  • Employ professional and qualified employees who are dedicated to our clients’ success and to our firm’s success.
  • Communicate our philosophy regarding our practice of law.
  • Foster a team approach while respecting individual differences.
  • Encourage employees to share their knowledge and experiences with each other and to maximize their development within our firm.
  • Support our employees’ desire to have a balanced lifestyle.
  • Care for the safety and the professional and personal well-being of our employees.