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Matthew Jones and Kristin Ingulsrud Successful Before California Court of Appeals

FMG represented GEICO in a breach of contract/coverage lawsuit related to property damage allegedly caused by fire to the engine of the plaintiff’s vehicle. FMG filed a Motion for Summary Judgment, stating there was no coverage for the claim, GEICO acted in good faith during its investigation of the claim, and there was a genuine dispute as to coverage. The trial court granted the Motion in full, thereby dismissing GEICO. Thereafter, the plaintiff filed an appeal, challenging many of the trial court’s rulings, including the setting aside the default, awarding sanctions related to Motions to Compel, and summary judgment. Matthew Jones handled the underlying action and drafted the appellate brief on behalf of GEICO, while Kristin Ingulsrud presented oral argument at the Court of Appeal. Less than two weeks after oral argument, the appellate court affirmed all of the trial court’s rulings and awarded GEICO costs on appeal.