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Paul Bigley and Matthew Jones Win Big in Alhambra, California Trial

Congratulations to Paul Bigley and Matthew Jones, who received a defense verdict after a three-week trial in Alhambra, California. This action was ongoing for almost three years.

This was a wrongful death action that arose out of an automobile versus pedestrian accident, with liability hotly contested. During closing arguments, Plaintiffs asked for a grand total of $15,087,548 in damages ($2,662,548 in undisputed economic damages and $12,425,000 in noneconomic damages for the heirs—wife and son of the decedent).

FMG’s in-house litigation support manager, Michael Bigley, prepared two animations which were shown to the jury during the course of the defense human factors expert’s testimony. He also ran and displayed all trial exhibits and graphics materials using FMG’s Trial Director software.

As with all trials, FMG’s Trial Committee, chaired by Wayne Melnick, conferenced the case with theme suggestions and other valuable input being received in the process.

This trial came in the immediate wake of another trial Mr. Bigley handled in Sacramento with Plaintiff’s counsel “throwing in the towel” short of the jury verdict, with multi-million dollar demands at all times having been made pre-trial, ultimately settling for just $50,000. That case involved a plaintiff who underwent a 6-level thoracolumbar fusion.