Nick O’Brien-Kovari

Senior Counsel

San Francisco – Walnut Creek, CA
D 925.644.0918


Nicholas O’Brien-Kovari is a Senior Counsel in Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP’s Walnut Creek office. He is a trial attorney committed to servicing California businesses, employers, and their insurers. He has successfully tried many cases and has obtained outstanding verdicts. Mr. O’Brien-Kovari’s excellent courtroom presence and extensive trial experience primes his clients for success in any stage of the litigation.

While Nicholas O’Brien-Kovari’s trial experience is noteworthy, his legal research and writing skills are just as valuable to his clients. His thorough preparation often leads to the discovery of critical evidence which can help his clients quickly obtain a favorable resolution of the case. Above all, Mr. O’Brien-Kovari emphasizes a strong relationship with his clients built on clear and straightforward communication.

Awards and Recognition