Why We Are Different

Seasoned Understanding

Legal excellence becomes more valuable when it is seasoned with business understanding, custom support services and a track record of winning as clients define it.

Why We Are Different

FMG brings a well-deserved reputation as a law firm of seasoned trial lawyers capable of successfully representing clients in the courtroom. In a time when many law firms cannot credibly say they have a record of jury trial successes, FMG’s court results reflect that they have no hesitation to try cases that cannot be successfully resolved. FMG’s successes not only give clients confidence that they can try cases when needed but help our clients achieve favorable resolutions short of trial because plaintiff’s lawyers know FMG’s abilities in the courtroom.

Freeman Mathis & Gary is a member of Lexwork International, a network of top-tier law firms spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia. This affiliation enables FMG to extend its legal reach beyond US borders, connecting clients with expert representation worldwide. By leveraging this network, we streamline the process of accessing knowledgeable local  counsel for clients with global legal needs.

For more information on Lexwork and their network of international law firms, click here.