Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion

At FMG we recognize that, while no single industry can be responsible for the mission of equal opportunity for all, and diverse and inclusive workplaces, the legal profession’s role is of particular importance given its duty to justice and equal treatment.

Who We Are

A diversity of backgrounds and views matters because we believe our attorneys should bring different perspectives to bear in order to solve problems more effectively for our clients and the community. FMG fosters a team approach while respecting individual experiences. We do more than just respect the different experiences and viewpoints of our FMG team members – we leverage them to offer clients innovative strategies and solutions.

We attain this leverage by encouraging and expecting our employees to share their knowledge and experiences. We also provide institutional resources to allow them to maximize their personal development and afford them opportunities and incentives to lead a balanced lifestyle.

The breadth of organizations and causes to which FMG or its employees in their individual capacities provide substantial support or hold leadership positions also is reflective of the variety of personal and professional backgrounds that comprise our workforce. Our Firm supports and encourages our employees in a variety of civic, religious, professional, cultural, military, political, veteran, cultural, and other important institutions that contribute to the mosaic of our nation, its citizens and workforce.

As a part of our efforts, FMG has undertaken the following:

  • Actively increased the pipeline of qualified candidates to middle and senior management and leadership roles;
  • Improved the culture and receptiveness of our Firm toward all employees;
  • Implemented creative solutions for more flexible work hours and work structures;
  • Ensured consideration and treatment of all protected groups for general management and other important leadership roles;
  • Improved paid time off practices for all employees;
  • Reemphasized and published to all employees our comprehensive policy on equal opportunity and our employee relations philosophy;
  • Assessed our current hiring process (as well as other employment decisions including promotion, salary increases, and job assignments). Insured that the standards, requirements, and methods of hiring new employees are clear, neutral, and unbiased;
  • Avoided any requirements that could unfairly prejudice any protected group;
  • Examined language used in job descriptions, consider whether it may discourage candidates from protected groups;
  • Ensured that candidates are considered as a whole and not based on a certain protected trait;
  • Monitored communications and processes used throughout the Firm’s employment decision processes;
  • Recognized that diversity attracts diversity. Diverse candidates are attracted to workplaces that reflect the Firm’s ability to hire and retain qualified employees.
  • Referrals, often a key way to bring on new employees, are solicited from all employees and the Firm has a referral policy applicable to all employees to encourage an appropriate applicant pool of qualified employees.

At FMG, we believe our differences make a difference for our clients and employees.

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