Why We Are Different

Seasoned Understanding

Legal excellence becomes more valuable when it is seasoned with business understanding, custom support services and a track record of winning as clients define it.

Why We Are Different

The Freeman Mathis & Gary Trial Academy empowers our attorneys to be more influential advocates for our clients, in court—and out. Whether an attorney litigates, mediates, settles, or simply meets face-to-face with a client, it is important that the attorney is confident in his or her ability to succeed if a dispute does go to trial. We train and develop ethical legal advocates for the courtroom through hands-on training, which translates into better outcomes for our clients at every level of litigation and improves the administration of justice as a whole.

FMG engages experienced trial judges and trial lawyers with keen insight into effective courtroom strategies, many of whom have specialized backgrounds and skillsets, to administer the Trial Academy program. The program tests the participants’ mettle and pushes their limits. We teach them that the sky is not the limit, but merely a starting point of their ascent. The expert instructors help attorneys to break down the skills that make for outstanding depositions, mediations, opening statements, direct examinations, cross-examinations and closing arguments. Attorneys who participate in the program learn to:

  • Prepare a case from inception through trial
  • Conduct powerful direct and cross examinations at deposition
  • Select jurors appropriate for the case
  • Deliver a persuasive opening statement and closing argument
  • Maximize the effect of direct examination
  • Master the admission and use of exhibits and courtroom technology
  • Hone cross-examination skills and learn the most persuasive ways to impeach a witness

Each participant practices and performs these aspects of litigation in a classroom on their feet, in front of experts in the field, their peers and in front of a camera. They learn not just from their own mistakes and triumphs, but also from their fellow participants. On-the-spot review from evaluators allows participants to understand how they present to a jury. But unlike in a trial where there are real stakes at risk, in the FMG Trial Academy participants can correct their mistakes and eliminate any bad habits, so that they are prepared for any live-litigation situation. The FMG Trial Academy “learning-by-doing” method allows its attorneys to take calculated risks without ever jeopardizing a client’s case or the attorney’s reputation. These are the attorneys every client wants on their side; the same attorneys who command the respect of judges and arbitrators and opposing counsel. This is just one of the many reasons why FMG is recognized nationwide among the “go-to” firms for serious litigation matters that could involve trial or arbitration.