P. Betty Su

Senior Counsel

San Francisco – Walnut Creek, CA
D 925.466.2612


B.A., University of California, Irvine, Double Majors History and Political Science (2000)

Phi Alpha Theta, National History Honor Society


J.D., University of Southern California, Gould School of Law (2003)



P. Betty Su is Senior Counsel in Freeman Mathis & Gary's Walnut Creek office. Ms. Su is an experienced insurance coverage litigator and counselor. Her practice focuses on representing insurers in complex, large exposure coverage disputes. She also counsels insurers in non-litigation or pre-litigation coverage matters involving first- and third-party claims under primary and excess commercial policies, with an emphasis on third-party matters. She analyzes claims in a myriad of contexts, including intellectual property, data security breaches, sexual misconduct, discrimination, municipal liability, personal injury, fraud, employment, environmental contamination, and construction defect claims.

Ms. Su approaches her cases as puzzles. Solving them requires a combination of attention to detail, analytical ability, curiosity, creativity, and the ability to understand the client’s business goals.

Immediately before joining FMG, Ms. Su was a Content Attorney at Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB). There, she edited and extensively revised CEB’s insurance practice treatise, “California Liability Insurance Practice: Claims & Litigation,” for its 2021 update. She also edited CEB’s “California Expert Witness Guide” (2021 Update). Her other publications include a number of articles on insurance, business, data privacy, and litigation topics.

Bar Admissions


Publications & Engagements

Practice Guide, “California Liability Insurance Practice: Claims & Litigation” (CEB 2021 Update), Content Attorney

Practice Guide, “California Expert Witness Guide” (CEB 2021 Update), Content Attorney

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“Key Considerations for Rule 3.400 Complex Cases” (CEB Daily News, Feb. 21, 2020)

Representative Cases & Clients
  • Performed investigations for and drafted numerous coverage opinions concerning primary and/or excess policies, including claims involving complex multiple lines coverage (commercial general liability, commercial automobile, and environmental; construction wrap-up policies; and specialty manuscript policies), felony conspiracy, financial securities transactions, data security breaches, environmental contamination, discrimination, personal and advertising injury, abuse, construction defects, and fraud, among others.
  • Defended numerous California, other states (as pro hac vice) and federal coverage actions, obtaining favorable outcomes for insurer-clients in bad faith and declaratory relief actions for contribution and/or subrogation, including:
    • Obtaining summary judgment motion in a $5 million action on intervention, which was affirmed on appeal in Advent, Inc. v. National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA (2016) 6 Cal.App.5th 443;
    • Successfully defending a contribution case by obtaining summary judgment based on the insured vs. insured exclusion.
  • Managed outside counsel in non-California domestic and international insurance coverage litigation.
  • Handled putative class action defense of a California cemetery, including defeating plaintiffs’ motion for class certification.