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Litigation Support

Litigation support can be pricey at times, which is why FMG has decided to bring in-house many of the services that law firms traditionally secure from outside vendors. The result is significant savings to you, our client, because we no longer have to utilize outside vendors for these services. In addition to cost savings, this also gives us the added benefit and convenience of having direct communication with our litigation support team at all times. Direct communication and responsive team members will ensure that things are done the way we need them to be done to best protect your interests.

Below are examples of the type of litigation support services that FMG can provide to our clients:

  • Full Trial Support
  • Video Editing
  • 2D Graphic Design
  • 3D Simulations and graphics
  • Timelines
All services provided by our Litigation Support team are pursuant to a pre-approved budget.
For more information please contact Michael Bigley, Manager, Litigation Support
[email protected] | 213.615.7183