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Our Transportation Law practice group has extensive experience defending motor vehicle liability claims against companies, drivers, and insurers involved in the trucking and transportation industry, including for-hire and private motor carriers, specialty haulers, governmental and private bus lines and motor coaches, waste haulers, and emergency and non-emergency transportation service providers.

FMG's 24/7 Emergency Response Team (ERT) provides clients, their insurers, and their claims administrators with immediate around-the-clock access to our attorneys and network of qualified investigators and experts.

  • ERT attorneys are experienced in quickly assessing an incident and determining the appropriate level of response.
  • When a situation warrants, ERT members are dispatched to an accident location to coordinate and manage on-scene accident investigation; to interface with law enforcement and administrative officials; to obtain driver and witness statements; to document, collect, preserve, and analyze evidence; and to oversee vehicle and cargo recovery and salvage.
For more information about our ERT, click here.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle claims from start to finish, from on-scene investigation through trial, and a track record of achieving cost-effective, positive results.

We are committed to maintaining a working knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and to staying ahead of developments and trends that affect our clients, their fleets, and their employees.

Our attorneys are active members of legal and industry specific groups, including the Trucking Industry Defense Association, the Transportation Lawyers Association, the Defense Research Institute, the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance, the Georgia Defense Lawyers Association, and the Georgia Motor Trucking Association.