Webinar: Everything You Need to Know About Leaves of Absence Due to Mental Health


Join us Thursday, October 12 for the second of our series of four webinars covering trending topics in the Labor and Employment space – “Everything You Need to Know About Leaves of Absence Due to Mental Health.”

During this webinar, our presenters will discuss strategies for handling the intersection of mental health issues and ADA and FMLA compliance, best practices for designing and implementing effective policies and procedures on employee wellbeing and mental health, and more.

With FMG presenters Sunshine Fellows, Morgan Randle, and Shane Miller.

CLE, SHRM, and CE credits applied for: TX, FL, CT, PA, CA, GA, and NJ.

If you are seeking CE or CLE credit for this webinar, you must be logged on to your unique weblink via computer (not a mobile device or tablet), attend the entire webinar, and answer the (3) random polling questions which will appear to qualify for credit. If you experience any technical difficulties during the webinar or have trouble answering the polling questions, you must message us through the Chat function during the event so that we may assist.


Sunshine R. Fellows, Partner
Morgan M.J. Randle, Associate
Shane Miller, Associate

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