FDIC Publicizes Failed Bank Settlements


By: Kelly Morrison
In an apparent response to criticism for their lack of transparency, the FDIC has published dozens of settlement agreements arising out of the now 106 lawsuits the agency has filed against failed banks. The FDIC has indicated that it will post additional settlement information by March 31.
These settlement agreements provide valuable insight to both insurance carriers and former directors and officers sued in their individual capacities. For instance, an August 2012 settlement agreement between the FDIC and Heritage Community Bank reflects a payment of $3.15 million—exclusively funded by the Bank’s D&O insurer.  Conversely, an April 2012 settlement arising from the Corn Belt Bank and Trust Company litigation shows that the individual defendants paid $266,000 out of pocket, while the D&O insurer chipped in another $700,000.
Those interested in perusing these settlement agreements for valuable insights on current cases may locate them here.