California’s Proposed Education Budget Cuts May Lead to More Layoffs


By: Matthew Jones

California Governor Gavin Newsome proposed a new budget, which includes cuts of approximately 8% to California’s education system.  Previously, California districts were not permitted to layoff teachers after mid-May.  However, if the proposed budget cuts are approved, districts will have the opportunity to layoff additional teachers through August 15th

Although most districts are requesting more funding and jobs, such a proposal may be necessary for those districts in poor financial condition.  These districts may be able to avoid bankruptcy or a state takeover but utilizing this new time frame for layoffs and furloughs. 

In response to the proposed budget cuts and potential extension of time for layoffs, the California Teachers Association plans to ask the Legislature to suspend the provision in the Education Code related to mid-summer layoffs.  Such a request has been approved twice by the Legislature: in 2002-03 and 2011-12.

Some believe that even if this budget is approved and the extension to mid-August takes effect, there is a small chance districts will turn to additional layoffs/furloughs.  However, given the current economic climate and the already struggling California education system, nothing is guaranteed and it is expected that the anticipated layoffs may spur new lawsuits.

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