North Carolina Repeals Controversial Bathroom Law


By: Paul H. Derrick

The North Carolina General Assembly has voted to scrap the infamous HB 2 bathroom law. The repeal became effective immediately after being signed into law by Governor Roy Cooper.  In just four sentences, the new law got rid of HB 2 and, in a compromise that has angered advocates on both sides of the issue, mandated that local governments and state educational systems cannot regulate access to multi-user restrooms, locker rooms, or changing facilities until December 1, 2020.

Most workplaces will not be directly affected by the repeal, as the employment law provisions of HB 2 were substantially repealed in July 2016. This final repeal did, however, effectively reinstate the three-year statute of limitations for filing wrongful discharge claims under state law.  That filing period previously had been shortened to just one year.

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