A Fireside Chat With the EEOC – Understanding The Mediation And Enforcement Branches of the EEOC

As an employer, you may have dealt with the EEOC in response to the filing of an EEOC Charge.  But did that process leave you wondering how things work behind the scenes at the EEOC and how you can be better prepared in the future? When is Mediation offered?  How does an EEOC Investigator conduct an investigation of the allegations? What are the type of facts that get the attention of an EEOC Investigator?  What happens after the EEOC issues a Cause Determination?

Well now is your opportunity for a look behind the curtains and to get your questions answered.  Join us on October 18, 2022 as we discuss various topics with long-time EEOC Investigator Deante Topps and EEOC Mediator Ward Richards.  Both Mr. Topps and Mr. Richards will provide a wealth of information that any employer interacting with the EEOC will find useful to understand the EEOC Charge process better.