Social Media and Employee Handbook Traps Under the NLRB’s Rules – A Guide To Understanding and Avoiding The Landmines

In recent years, the National Labor Relations Board turned its wrath on company policies that try to limit what employees can say or do, whether on social media websites or in the physical workplace. The NLRB’s scrutiny seems to have led to extremely harsh results for employers. While some remain hopeful that the tide will shift towards employers under the Trump Administration, for now, administrative law judges routinely are applying the NLRB’s outwardly pro-employee stance to find standard workplace rules a violation of the NLRA.

As any employer, whether unionized or non-unionized, that has a policy to deter employees from speaking out about workplace conditions or other issues in the workplace may well find itself in the crosshairs of the NLRB, please join us as we discuss the major areas the NLRB focuses on in its enforcement strategy.

Our topics will include:

  • The current state of the NLRB’s social media rules
  • Handbook policies that create exposure for employers
  • How to respond when an employee makes a disparaging remark about the employer or a supervisor

As always, there is no charge for our webinar.

If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Bennett at [email protected]

For more information on our presenters, see below:

  Paul H. Derrick

Direct: 919.424.3850
[email protected]

Mr. Derrick is a partner in the firm’s Raleigh office. In nearly three decades of labor and employment practice, he has successfully defended employers throughout the country against individual, class, and collective actions raising a range of workplace and constitutional law issues, particularly in the argibusiness sector and retail and hospitality industry.

  Jeremy W. Rogers
Direct: 813.367.2128
[email protected]

Mr. Rogers is a partner in the firm’s Tampa office. His experience includes the defense and litigation of a variety of employment claims, including race, sex, national origin, disability discrimination, wage and hour, harassment, and retaliation claims. He has also defended cases involving wrongful discharge, breach of fiduciary duty, contract disputes, federal class action litigation, fair debt collections practices, Lanham Act litigation, derivative suites, shareholder demand letters, and fraudulent inducement.

  Arthur J. McKeon III
Direct: 213.615.7100
[email protected]

Mr. McKeon is a partner in the firm’s Los Angeles office. He has 35 years of practice experience and heads the firm’s employment and labor law practice group. He advises small local businesses, national companies and international corporations on a wide array of employment and labor law matters. Mr. McKeon’s practice also includes handling class actions involving consumer remedies, unfair competition, overtime and other wage and hour disputes such as meal breaks, rest periods, and tip pooling. He represents clients in the following industries: manufacturing; trucking; restaurant and hospitality; retailers; cemeteries and funeral homes; and medical, law and accounting firms.