OSHA Has Released Its Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate ETS – What Does It Mean For Employers?

By now, you probably have heard that, on November 4, 2021, OSHA released its highly-anticipated Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate ETS. Now that we have the ETS, there is a lot of information (490 pages to be precise) for employers to digest. As there are a lot of requirements imposed on employers that must be implemented within the next 60 days, it is critical for employers to promptly prepare for the ETS.

In this Webinar, Brad Adler from our Atlanta office and Justin Boron from our Philadelphia office will break down the jungle of regulations into simplistic and understandable guidelines and tips, including addressing the following questions:

  1. Which employers are covered?
  2. Which employees are covered?
  3. What does the rule require?
  4. What happens if an employee refuses to get the vaccine?
  5. What type of proof of vaccination can an employer require?
  6. How do you treat vaccination records?
  7. Who pays for testing?