Webinar – Worker Classification: Employee or Independent Contractor?


Join us Thursday, October 19 for the third of our series of four webinars covering trending topics in the Labor and Employment space – “Worker Classification: Employee or Independent Contractor?”

During this webinar, our presenters will discuss nuanced differences among various tests deployed under common law, federal law and California law for determining the status of workers as either employees or independent contractors. These designations have substantial consequences on an employer’s exposure under various theories of recovery.

With FMG presenters Daniel Parker Jett, Mandy Hexom, John Rubiner, and Sean Gibbons.

CLE, SHRM, and CE credits applied for: TX, FL, CT, PA, CA, GA, and NJ.


Daniel Parker Jett, Partner
Mandy D. Hexom, Partner
John K. Rubiner, Partner
Sean B. Gibbons, Partner

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