Trump Has Opportunity to Appoint 4 Judges to Federal Bench in Georgia


By: Amanda M. Cash

While the national media is focused on President Trump’s appointees for positions such as Labor Secretary and the Supreme Court, Georgia employers may not realize that President Trump has the opportunity to make a direct impact on the Georgia legal scene.

There are several vacant positions on the Georgia federal bench that will likely be filled by President Trump’s nominees at some point in the future. As of March 31, the Northern District of Georgia has two vacancies, while the Middle and Southern District have one vacancy each. Like Supreme Court justices, the president nominates individuals to fill those open federal judgeships, subject to confirmation by the Senate.

Why does this matter to Georgia employers? In the unfortunate event your company is sued by a current or former employee for violations of federal employment laws, the case will likely be heard in federal court by federal judges.  Georgia employers should keep an eye on who is nominated to these vacant federal judgeships as these judges could be ruling on your case in the event you are sued by an employee. We will keep you updated as more information comes available about potential nominees. 

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