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Our Wage and Hour Interdisciplinary team has vast experience in representing clients in the requirements of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Service Contract Act, Davis-Bacon Act, and related state wage and hour statutes, including alleged violations of overtime, minimum wage, tip credit, prevailing wage rate, and record-keeping requirements. As plaintiffs’ lawyers discover new hyper-technical violations that result in statutorily imposed penalties and attorney’s fees, wage and hour lawsuits are increasing at a rapid rate.

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Our team routinely represent employers at all stages of wage and hour disputes, from an investigation by the United States Department of Labor or a state or local agency through federal lawsuits, including collective actions on behalf of a class of individuals. Our lawyers have represented employers in these specialized collective actions, utilizing such skills to seek denial of class certification, reduction in the applicable statute of limitations period, and any entitlement to liquidated damages.

FMG attorneys conduct compliance audits for our clients to assess whether they are properly classifying employees as non-exempt employees and complying with the technical requirements of the FLSA, such as the proper manner to administer a tip pool arrangement. Our attorneys assist employers to develop bonus plans, severance plans, commission plans, and vacation policies to ensure state and federal compliance.


Jessica Hammond, Associate

Jessica Hammond

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